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A complimentary guide in helping you sell your home.


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Selling your home may be one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your lifetime. As your real estate agent, I will always keep your needs and priorities placed first and foremost. I will also ensure that you are well informed and feeling comfortable making the many decisions that are involved in selling your home. 

Whether you’re hoping to obtain the highest possible price, limit your showings and open houses, or have a short escrow, I will keep it all in mind and work diligently with you. Above all else, I will conduct our transaction with the utmost integrity and maintain strict confidentiality about your financial matters.

A Guide to the Home Selling Process



During our consultation, we will take several steps to prepare you for the selling of your home.

  • Discuss market conditions and comparable sales
  • Assess the condition of your home
  • Discuss the potential budget for repairs and upgrades (if needed)
  • Determine pre-sale inspections
  • Discuss the listing price and timing
  • Sign the listing agreement and standard forms


When it comes to selling your home, the most important factor to consider is pricing. As the seller, you must choose a listing price that both generates excitement and stimulates buyers to write offers.

Any price that exceeds the market range will run the risk of adversely affecting the visibility, showings, and sale of the home. If your home is overpriced, it may lay stagnant or simply take much longer to sell than you hoped. While it’s always tempting to price your home higher in the hopes that someone snatches it up, a lower price is advantageous in many ways; it can drive interest, attracting more potential buyers and competitive offers. If the price is right, it can shorten the marketing period, strengthen the initial momentum of the sale, and elicit higher offers.



After working through the consultation stage, we will prepare to sell your home by taking the following steps.

  • Create a calendar of timelines and activities
  • Engage with vetted inspectors
  • Schedule and oversee inspections
  • Review reports and coordinate any agreed-upon work
  • Arrange an appointment with a stager


After we’ve discussed all the particulars, we can move on to marketing your home to bring in plenty of interested buyers. Important steps to take include:

  • Hire a professional photographer for video, stills, and drone images
  • Write creative ad copy
  • Design and print full-color property brochures
  • Install a “For Sale” sign outside the home
  • Post your listing on MLS
  • Hold open houses
  • Mail ‘Just Listed’ postcards to the neighborhood with invites included
  • Hold Brokers’ Tour, serving a catered lunch
  • Hold a private Open House for the neighbors
  • Email your listing to my sphere of influence and agent network


In today’s tech-savvy age, it’s just as important to market your home online. We will syndicate your home on over a hundred websites, including:

  • Property-specific websites
  • Key social media sites


When your home has been listed, we’ll stay on top of things by doing the following:

  • Monitoring showings
  • Following up with all interested buyers
  • Answering agent inquiries promptly
  • Responding to and tracking disclosure packet requests
  • Continuing all marketing efforts


It’s always important that your real estate agent stay in touch with you frequently while your home is on the market. There’s no need to worry — we will often communicate, completing the following steps:

  • Analyzing showings, inquiries, and feedback that I receive
  • Reviewing Disclosure Packet requests
  • Assessing buyer activity and discussing setting an offer date
  • Researching trends as well as Actives, Pendings, and Solds
  • Communicating frequently regarding all of the above


So you’ve got an offer — great news! To ensure a smooth closing, we will:

  • Create a detailed spreadsheet to compare multiple offers
  • Review the buyer’s love letter(s)
  • Verify the buyer's ability to meet any and all contingencies
  • Negotiate the best possible price and favorable terms
  • Provide you with an escrow timeline once in contract
  • Be present for the appraisal and provide comparable sales
  • Read all inspection reports obtained by the buyer
  • Stay on top of all necessary paperwork
  • Contact you immediately after close and pop the champagne!

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