An up-and-coming city perfect for families in the Los Angeles Area

Welcome to Westchester

An up-and-coming city perfect for families in the Los Angeles Area

Flanked by Playa Vista and Culver City to the north and Inglewood and Lennox to the east, Westchester is an enterprising city reaching new heights every day. It sits surrounded by stunning views of bluffs and the ocean, nestled in a location connected to the rest of the Los Angeles area by the 405 Freeway and, notably, LAX.
Carefully plotted and planned out on what was once a breezy, remote plain in the corner of the Los Angeles basin, Westchester began as a beacon of aviation and the highly-planned communities of the 20th century. Though the development stumbled through the Great Depression, it did not completely falter, and by the mid-1900s, Howard Hughes had set up his aviation business in the flat plains beneath the bluffs, forever giving Westchester a wealth of history and influence.
Today, Westchester is a wholesome, attractive city in Los Angeles County. Dotted with charming single-family homes in Mid-Century Modernism architectural style, the tidy, suburban atmosphere of Westchester is offset by the remarkable streets full of activity, shopping, and delightful eateries. One of the best places to live in Los Angeles, Westchester is home to many young professionals and families seeking respite from the downtown slog of L.A. without losing access to its hub of options and energy.

Things to Love

  • Historic commitment to skillful neighborhood design
  • Easy access to the rest of Los Angeles — and the world, through LAX
  • Numerous shops, parks, and restaurants for the whole family

People and Lifestyle

Westchester thrives with a charming small-town, suburban atmosphere threaded with all the options and energy of a city. Interspersed by family-forward living, the coordinated homes shine with all the promise of post-War prosperity. As most of its residents are highly educated, this city has taken on a new vibe in recent years: a flourishing hub for techies. Westchester enjoys a location connected to Culver City and other Californian oases of tech. An ideal location for families and young couples seeking their first single-family home, the city boasts a population of more than 40,000.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Though Westchester enjoys a well-warranted reputation of small-town charm and suburban living, its downtown and numerous green spaces mean the city has more than enough to offer.
Lincoln Boulevard overflows with shops and eateries, making one of the best thoroughfares in Westchester that much better. Stop at The General Store for a collection of things, from tie-dyed clothes to picturesque gifts, or better yet, stroll down the walkable street to the aesthetically pleasing, denim-loving Tradesman clothing boutique. The Westchester Triangle is a shopping district in historic Westchester full of iconic local stops such as the Book Jewel and Sounds Station Records.
Dining in Westchester is varied. It’s sure to appeal to the whole family, no matter the individual tastes. Stop at the HHLA for a sweet treat at Ben and Jerry’s, or plan for an elegant evening by reserving a table at the delicious Kanpai Sushi. Cinco offers Mexican cuisine and cocktails, while the Westchester Triangle shopping center is home to many great restaurants, such as The Ramen Joint and the Coffee Company.

Things to Do

Not only full of eateries and sunlit cafes, but Westchester also offers a wealth of activity too. From parks to movie theaters that are Los Angeles institutions, Westchester is brimming with opportunity.
Stroll through the sites of the Westchester Triangle First Fridays at the end of each week for a glimpse of the vibrant, community-forward neighborhood. The arts and culture scene of the city comes alive at the annual WAM — otherwise known as the Westchester Arts and Music Block Party.
The HHLA, just off the 405, is a jewel of Westchester’s entertainment, retail, and dining scene as it boasts not only “Instagram-worthy backdrops” but also a history of commitment to the arts, excellent event spaces, and more. Tag along with the kids to Westchester Recreation Center for a day in the sun — on top of the line playgrounds — before taking the day off to unwind at the premier Westchester Golf Course and Country Club.


Westchester is home to many excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:
  • Open Magnet Charter School
  • Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets
  • Westside Neighborhood School
  • Wright Middle School STEAM Magnet
  • Westchester Lutheran School

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